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Help Plz I’m starting to freak out?

I’m a senior in HS and so far I have only applied to one college- Juniata College for early decision. I’m starting to become paranoid that I won’t get in…and the fact that I dont know what other school i should apply to if i get rejected freaks me out even more. What are some good colleges for environmental science and will I get into juniata?

My stats are as follows:

gpa weighted- 4.039

unweighted- 3.8

4 aps, 5 honors

class rank- 41/538

m-620, cr-570, w-600

varsity letters- 1 for cross country, 2 track and field..plenty of extracirculars

here’s the link to juniata from collegeboard.com


please help

community service is good

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Well, unless Juniata College is extremely elitist, it looks like you’ll be accepted. Speaking from experience, however, apply to more than one college in case you change your mind.