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mayson o

Help me to construct a thesis statement for my research paper. plz my topic is ” types prohibited drugs”

i need it now!

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Well can you narrow it down a little bit…I mean are you for or against…exactly what ….I mean I could write several thesises on just types of prohibited drugs, but they might or might not be what you are wanting.

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What constitutes that a drug be prohibited?

1) Is it a mind altering ingredient?

2) Poison?

3) Sales marketing approach?

If #1 why isn’t paint prohibited?

If #2 ” ” ” “?

If #3 Could meth have been marketed as a super elixer? What makes it prohibited? It seems that if it were a legal substance we could have more control over it’s use and more available information and help for the users. After all it’s effects are the most sought after effects on the market: energy, diet aid, sexual enhancement and returning customers. If it was marketed in the correct way could it fly?

Just a few suggestions… Good luck on your paper!