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John D

Does anyone know of a quizing program that allows you to enter a question/pic and the answers for studying?

I’m trying to study my Japanese and I need some type of computer program that lets me plug in a picture of the Kanji/Kana or word/sentence so I can get some better practice. Does anyone know of a program that lets you set up the questions like this? Preferably one that will also generate possible wrong answers from a list? It would really really really help me out a lot, thnx in advance…

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A few days ago

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try this


it costs money, but has a free trial.

heres a free one called QuizCards


heres another free one

http://www.jmemorize.org/ — this one keeps track of which ones you get wrong or right, and then keeps showing you the ones you get wrong

heres a demo flash card site, that has a lot of japanese vocab flashcards: