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difference between currently and presently?


Can we use the words currently and presently interchangeably?

Can we also use the words present and current interchangeably?

Which one os correct?

We currently live here

We presently live here

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They really can’t be used interchangeably. “Currently” means right now. i.e. I currently live in New Zealand. “Presently” means soon. I shall join you in the dining room presently. So “We currently live here” is correct.

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Difference Between Presently And Currently

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currently and presently can be used in the same text when the situation favours presently, this is because currently can be used to talk about longer measures of time as compared to presently but however if one wants to be more specific presently should be selected where the text favours presently, for example ‘I am presently eating’ rather than ‘I am currently eating’.However they are both correct.

and they ‘cannot’ be used in the same text when the situation favours currently,it is not that presently cannot be used but it is that currently has a far more advantage of being appropriate for certain texts,for example the example u gave ;in this case ‘We currently live here’ is most appropriate because ‘living’ iserves over a far more period than instantaneous moments where presently would be most appropriate.

Currently can be used for farther ranges in terms of time than presently which was stated above that it is used for more instantaneous moments.However presently can be also used for longer periods of time when comparing large measures of time such as decades, milleniums etc.


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i suppose so…yes…they have same meaning…