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Define the person of these words:?

See your enemies content and your lovers melancholy.

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hmmm…. this is a tricky one… after much thought….

see your enemies content… i see this phrase as how one should not be too caught up in trying to outdo his or her enemy… see them as content adn do one’s best to achieve contentment….

see your lovers melancholy would be… to forever see and feel that a person’s lover needs all the love and attention that he or she can give….

In short, make sure that a loved one is not neglected when one is to occupied with outdoing the enemy…


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I define the person of those words as the Loser… his enemy is happy ..his lovers missing them.

The person issuing the words is delivering a curse upon someone maybe?


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Yoda’s Duck

“See your enemies content…”

Satisfy your enemies?

“…and your lovers melancholy.”

and leave your friends and family sad?

Dunno- not sure.


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seeing your enemies ‘worth’ as well as seeing the sadness of love.