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Could you give an example of the following?

Present Indicative. Imperfect indicative. Past Simple indicative.

Future Indicative. Conditional (present) Present Subjunctive.

Imperfect Subjunctive . Imperative

And finally, are the words ‘smoked’, ‘drank’ and ‘ate’ the past participles of smoke, drink, eat?

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With pleasure:

present indicative: I eat, I learn

Imperfect indicative: I was eating, I used to eat, OR I was learning, I used to learn;

Past Simple: I ate, I learned

Future Indicative: I will eat, I will learn

Conditional Present: I would eat; I would learn

Present Subjunctive: I must eat, I must learn

Imperfect subjunctive: I must’ve eaten, I must have learned

Imperative: Eat! Learn! [direct order]

and finally, yes, smoked, drank, and ate are PP of smoke eat and drink!


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Yes to the last part, but the first parts you should know!

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get a tutor? u need help with a lot!!