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College scholarship for losing & keeping off 80 lbs. after a lifetime of being obese?

My shy daughter was obese from infancy until she was 15. She made a decision in 1/06 to lose weight, and by 6/06 she had lost about 70 pounds. She has now lost and kept off a total of 80 pounds, never faltered. This summer, she participated in an athletic training camp where all of the participants and teachers were male. She seems to be coming out of her shell. For the first time in years, she fought for first chair in flute and won.

She has always been a “good student”– high 80’s-low 90’s, participated in band, chorus, & musicals. But untibecause she has always been shy, she never fought for leadership positions.

She has no outside community service or work to her name. This is my fault. Her dad had cancer while her I was building a business and caring for a baby. We needed her at home. I still remember waking up to find her at age 12 feeding her brother because I was so tired.

We can’t afford a private liberal arts college, but it is what she deserves. Please help.

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she should apply for grants / scholarships and loans.

grants and scholarships are gifts / she doesn’t pay back

loan she has to pay back but not until she finishes college and the interest is very low.

the schools colleges have financial aid / admissions departments. they will help her fill out the forms and put together a package. work with more than one. get the best offer you can.

good luck to her !