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Choose the correct answer. or are/is there none. please give some explanation if possible.?

Jack: Oh, no! The door and the window ______ !

Victor: Who could have done this?

Jack: Go in quickly and see if we’ve lost anything.

(A) are breaking (B) have broken (C) were broken (D) will break.

OK. they want to choose (C) “were broken”

but it does not sound right. I was thinking “are broken” . Which is not an option.

Because Jack says. “Oh no! “

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The broken in “are broken” would be an adjective. Since the next line says “done this,” it implies an action, thus “were broken.”

However, I would’ve chosen (B) so that the “have broken” would go along with the “have done this.”


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A, B, and D, imply that the windows did it to themselves, which is not possible. “Were broken” indicates past tense done by someone/something else. I believe the optimal choice would be “have BEEN broken”, but given only the four options there…”were broken” fits best. Say all four in the context….you’ll agree that the correct answer is “C”.

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Definitely C.

The door and the window “have broken” (B), implies they broke by themselves, which we know didn’t happen in the context of this exchange. (Victor asks, WHO COULD HAVE DONE THIS)

And, obviously, it can’t be A or D because those are present and future tense and we know Victor is referring to the action taking place in the past.


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were broken make more sence if stated with “who could have done this?

were and have done are pastence