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Can anyone help me find a “Texting” Dictionary to understand some of the words on here?

It never fails to amaze me how schooling has changed. When I was in school (not skool), I was taught to spell, use sentences and paragraphs. WHAT HAPPENED? I am only 26 and I am getting confused.

I always come across words I never even knew existed. For instance, rele = really, gr8 = great. In addition, the word “u” is spelled with three letters, Y-O-U. This is not a “texting” domain folks. I am using a keyboard that has each letter on a different button. Unlike a phone, I do not have to press one button 3 times to get a letter to make words. Each letter is printed on each key to make it even easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I love coming here to aid in helping others with their problems. I also love to come here and pose some questions myself. However, in order to help you and me further, I need to be able to understand what you are saying.

Is there anyone who can help me understand this drastic generational gape in language?

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Here are three websites, I personally think that netlingo is the best!! 😉





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The reason we kids type like that is because it is quicker than typing the whole word!

ppl- people

becuz- because

u- you

r- are

ily- i love you

lmao- laugh my a** off

lol- laugh out loud

btw- by the way

fyi- for your information

nm- nothin much

nmjb- nothin much just bored

nmjc- nothin much just chillin

hbu- how about you

wtf- what the f***

wth- what the h***

lylas- love ya like a sis

lyl- love ya lots

lyb- love ya bunches

l8ter- later

gr8- great

rele- really

<3 thats a heart tilt your head =) smiley face =p smiley face sticking tongue out =( sad smiley face >:O yelling smiley face

cya- see you

brb- be right back

^ up

lmfao- laugh my f***in a** off

omg- oh my goodness

ohemgee- oh my goodness

br- bathroom

ur- your

ya- you

And so on. Its a lot easier than spelling out all of those words.


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Mostly everyone uses ‘texting’ now because it’s really much easier to type one letter than all three (i.e, ‘u’ instead of ‘you’). If you really need help about it then just practice! chat with some friends and you’ll get the hang of it.

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The Urban Dictionary at www.urbandictionary.com

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All that is being done is space saving, or bandwidth saving, in electronic communication. It started with paging, or maybe even before that when you saw a sign on a car that had “4 sale” on it.

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This sounds more like complaining than a question.

I suggest that if you can’t read a question don’t bother trying. In general “texting” language is simple. It can be sounded out easily.


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Keger E
no cant help u. what u doin l8r? i will take a nap send txt if u need me. bub-i