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Help Me !

i am doing my o-level exams privately this year.i need help.

PLEEEEEEEEASE give me study tips notes,past papers and ANYTHING that can help me for my o-level exams.

subjects i’m taking and the codes-



Biology (5090)

thank you in advance : )

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Here are a few tips…

-Whenever ur studying, never sit on a bed…it will only make u lazy

-Suppose ur finished studying a chapter, reward urself by taking a 10 min break….thats the time to eat a snack or something, but dont watch TV during ur break, u will only get distracted

-Sleep a little early, so u dont feel tired in the morning


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Study your previously taken tests, notes, and borrow other people’s notes for extra details you might have missed.

Ask the teacher what material might be in the tests.

Study ahead of time, for exellent preparation.

Last of all, be confident.