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X-ray technology?

What is x-ray technology degree like? (bachelors)

at Queens university it is one of the programs that requires the highest entering average (88% min or IB 35 points)

Would it be a good major for employment and for a good salary?

would it be a good major for pre-med?

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A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in radiology. You would need an MD for that.

The only reason there’s such a high entrance requirement for x-ray tech is because of the demand for the program, not because it’s especially yard.

Good majors for employment include engineering, business (as long as you don’t take a fairy tale approach to it), and the sciences.


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RadTech – BAS RT(R)(ARRT)
A radiologist isn’t “almost as good as” a doctor – it IS a doctor. A radiologist specializes in the interpretation of medical images such as MR scans, CT scans, radiographs, nuclear medicine scans, mammograms and sonograms.

A radiologic technologist or radiographer is an x-ray tech – the one who takes the x-rays. If you want to be a doctor, don’t bother going through the x-ray technology program.

You can find more info on radiologic technology at http://www.asrt.org/content/AboutASRT/WhoWeAre/who_are_rts.aspx