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Would you mind reading this please? thank you?

I am a 17 year old boy from Peru. My country these days is loosing values and is forgetting the importance of intellect, young people is becoming more and more disinterested of our country and their future.

My greatest dream is to be professional, I plan to create an organisation after graduating, to help people with low incomes, to find education, my country really needs people who can make the change.

I hope one day my dream becomes true, I have to start right now, but lamentably I do not have the resurses, I have been working to study here but I just can survive with the money I recieve.

My parents cant help me because my mother is too sick , shes got cancer and need money to be treated, my father only helps her and my sister who traveled .

That means theres no money to help me, I had to travel to the capital to work and study but as I said is impossible,a young boy like me cant get enought money, I just can pay my room and food. how sad.

I know I was born to make the differenc

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God bless you….good luck!

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Master Chief
At 17 you should be able to get a decent job in the US. I would your say mothers life is a little more important then your studying, not to put you down in your hope for greatness but its never to late to start studying and your Mom needs the money.

Once you have given enough money for your Mom, then save for education.


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Here are some sites that may help you find a job in the US. I am only 14 so I don’t know what to do to help, but I wish you and your Mom the best!