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With this GRE score, can I get into the master program of those universities?

I know the admission process of universities also consider credentials other than the GRE score. But I just want to know with the scores I got today whether I need to re-take GRE exam to have fairly good chance of getting into the online/part-time master degree program in Computer Science for the schools mentioned below

My GRE score from the test today:

Verbal: 600,

Quantative: 720

Analytical Writing: N/A (I’ll probably get at least 4.0)


Stanford University

Columbia University (CVN)

University of Southern California (DEN)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Carnegie Mellon University – West Campus

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I think you’re well within range based upon what the average admission numbers are for these schools as reported by US News (maybe a little low for Stanford)- you’re actually way higher in the verbal section than average. And, you’re applying to the online programs, which have traditionally been easier to get into; I think you’re fine…..

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Here is an honest answer for you:

Stanford: No way

Columbia: Nope

USC: Maybe if everything else is good.

University of Illinois: Probably if everything else is good.

Carnegie Mellon: Probably not — but there is a chance.

The verbal isn’t the problem. The people getting into Stanford and Columbia have 790s and 800s on their GREs.