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Which school is better, Kaplan University or Bryant & Stratton?

I am looking at online schools. I have been accpeted into both of these schools. I just want to know which one would a better school. They are close to the same price. I will be doing them online.

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Emily A

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These online schools are basically all alike.

And they accept everyone who applies.


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What mainstream Conservatives said those schools could do a better job? They are simply on-line schools that meet a certain need. Who said that mainstream Conservatives want to get rid of public education? What they want is for parents to have a choice of where their kids get an education. It’s a way of forcing changes in a failing public school, not a plan to get rid of them. That’s where school vouchers and home schooling come in. They also want to do away with the Department of Education because is does relatively little to aid education and thus is a big money hole. The states have always done the work in funding and managing their public education systems.

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What do you mean better?

Better in terms of class presentation?

Course material?

Teachers credentials?

School is what you make and get out of it.

The teachers and material stay the same.