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Which medical schools are easier to get in to?

not necessarily easy to get into just easier than others.

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Your best shot of being accepted into a medical school is your own state’s univsersity. They are required to give preference to state residents.

All schools have the same minimum requirements that must be met that are set by the accrediting authority. These requirements are completion of the prereq courses, the MCAT and a minimum of 90 semester hours of college. Many schools will accept you if you meet those requirements (but you better have excellent grades and MCAT score). Many school have additional requirement that must be met for consideration to that school.

DO schools have historically had slightly lower standards for admission, but over the past decade, with the increased acceptance of DO’s, the admission standards are becoming as competitive as allopathic schools.

The Caribbean medical schools still have the lowest admission standards. Some will accept you solely on your ability to pay the tuition (which is why you can’t find many student loan sources for Caribbean schools). Of course, the top tiered Caribbean schools enjoy a good reputation (and have student loans sources). You just have to be very careful which school you decide to attend.


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There is no such thing as an easy medical school admission. The issue is finding a school that will view its potenial students as whole people with something of value to contribute and not a set of grades and scores to be evaluated. Check out Ross University.