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whats the best route to go to become a plastic surgeon?

ok im a senior in HS and I aspire to be a plastic surgeon

im not too knowledgeable on how to go about doing that

i don’t have the greatest grades but im very passionate and determined to do it

my counselor is no help

so what should I do to start?

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You are going to have to start getting the greatest grades — because determination is not enough.

Go to the best university that you can get into. You need to take the courses that are required for medical schools — but you should do more than the minimum. It would be a good idea for you to major in either biology or chemistry.

If you do well as an undergraduate and on your MCAT exam, you might get into a medical school. The good news is that they won’t look at your HS grades — so you can redeem yourself.

You then go to Medical School for four years. Once you ar edone, you have to do an internship and residency in your field. Most of them take three or four years — but Plastic Surgery is a six year program.

After finishing your residency, you will take an exam to become board certified.

If you want to do this — you need to get serious about your studies right now.


5 years ago
If you’re getting into the medical field solely for monetary purposes, you might want to consider another route. If you really want to do some good, become a general practioner. There is–and will continue to be–a shortage of GPs because med students are going into specialties so they can make more money. Gone are the days of people becoming doctors to help others.