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What’s the international relations program like at American University?

I’m going to major in International Relations and I know that the IR program at American University is one of the best around, but I wanted to get some first-hand knowledge about it. Has anyone gone through it? And if not, does anyone have any information about American in general? What’s the university environment and education like as a whole? Thanks!!

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my ex is going to american in the fall for graduate school. she is going for international peace and conflict resolution. sorta the same thing i guess? but she says the campus is very nice, and she loves DC, which i heard from a million people is a good time. the students are also very liberal. hope that helps a little. good luck and have fun!

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Any tuition in any individual of those foremost towns: DC, NYC, Chicago, SF. Specifically DC. DC may have the first-class govt internships. Its your first-class guess to community and get the proper connection, however on account that you intend on making use of the measure within the navy (to grow to be an officer proper?) it relatively wont topic what tuition you attend.

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