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What is the best website to post your resume for jobs in sports?

I will receive my Masters in Sport Management this December, and I really desire to use my degree. However, I do not know exactly where to look and still have not found a job offer. Anyone who could help me out here, PLEASE do so. Thanks.

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Go to team homepages and go to the very bottom and look under jobs for most teams. If you don’t have a connect in, you will have to search team by team. Every team employs a different contractor to manage their employment hiring process so if you get one site to do lets say hockey and soccer in Los Angeles, you won’t get one for Baseball or basketball.

A link below is just a job fair opportunity for LA Kings.

Also, if you have a masters, that means your school has a graduate program specifically for Sports Management. Your professors should be able to provide some help to you. Ask them for direction and guidance.

Good Luck.


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