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what is B.Tech (bio technology).which oone is better among B.Tech (bio technology), IT and Comp Science?

what is B.Tech (bio technology).is it having a great scope in india or its a false illusion created by media. which engg is more better among B.Tech (bio technology),IT and Comp Science. If bio tech is not a better option then.Which one is better among Comp Science and IT and what is the difference between them,and which one is easier, because the syllabus is almost same and both gives same job option. plz tell me as soon as possible, i am very confused what to choose because i m from biology background. if Bio Tech is not better, i am willing to take comp sci or IT( ) .But there is no one to guide me. is maths very essential for CS and IT

plz help me

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well 1st of all Bio Tech is a gr8 scope for the future say after 15 to 20 yrs but at present it is still in dormant state in India but in west countries it is a hot option.If u want to study abroad after graduation u can go for it.

Presently Comp Sci is the most sought after topic since companies come in gr8 numbers and U will notice that in NITs or IITs or any private institute it is the 1st branch to be filled up followed by ECE.

At present IT is doing gr8 but for future I m not sure since the value of money against dollar is on the rise IT companies will go for other avenues. The sole reason IT was on a high was that at that time rupee was weak and IT companies from the west found it profitable but now i doubt it.

Math is COMPULSORY it u take up IT or Comp sci

By the which college are u joining, from ur question i can say that u r opting for some private institute so i will say go for Comp sci or IT as ur future will be secured since labs for Bio tech in private are not upto the mark

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marvin g
I guess B. Tech is hotttt nowadays…s