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What does the expression ‘please pound sand’ mean?

So I posted a question on Yahoo!Answers right… and someone answered it by posting “please pound sand.” Check it out


Yes I know my question is controversial and provocative, but my question now is what does she mean by that?

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The origin of the expression go pound sand is from a longer expression, not to know (have enough sense to) pound sand down a rathole. Filling rat holes with sand is menial work, and telling someone to pound sand down a hole is like telling them to go fly a kite. The expression dates to at least 1912 and is common in the midwestern United States.”

A term used when annoyed with a person.

to tell someone to f*** off.


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Elaine P…is for Poetry
Pounding sand is a useless activity which leads to nothing at all. When you tell a person to do this, you’re saying that their advice or actions are useless and you want them to go away. It’s not exactly polite, but it’s better than swearing or cursing at them.