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What does it take to get into dental school? to become a dentist?

I am at the beginning stages of researching dental school. I am already an Electrical Engineer, but realized (maybe a little late) that I’d prefer to be in one of the health branches. Dentistry seems pretty cool to me. It offers not only the opportunity of helping people (though as a patient it is sometimes hard to see) but also being able to be a business owner.

Anyway, regarding the pre-reqs, I can find out at ADA and the different schools what classes I am missing & go thru a post-bac to get the pre-reqs. One question is: Do Dental Schools accept Community/Junior College credits?

Now, since I am close to 30years old, and considering a career change, will I be at a disadvantage over other candidates that have always tailored their education towards dental school?

Besides good pre-reqs, dat scores, what else does it take to get into dental school? Once in dental school what does it take to become a dds?

Last, anyone know engineers that have become dds??

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Sort of! I have a have a BSE but went straight to dental school without working as an engineer. Dental schools will accept the pre-reqs from CC. Also dentistry likes taking unique students, so it may help you. Once in dental school, it will be 4 years, the first 2 years are preparatory and the last 2 years are clinical (more or less.) Just don’t get conned into going to NYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When you graduate from clinical school, you obtain the MD degree and are technically a “medical professional.” nonetheless, no longer each and every man or woman who graduates from clinical colleges becomes a coaching medical professional (or surgeon, that’s the identical factor). You can not train medication inside the U.S. With out finishing a residency teaching program in a specific discipline of healing. There are a few people who graduate from clinical institution and get the MD degree nevertheless under no circumstances notice medication. Some develop to be experts or paintings in scientific tech/pharm organization. A quantity of of my classmates from clinical school did that. With a view to end up a dentist, you have got to pass to dental tuition.