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What do you think of having a Public Charter College?

This would work in the same way as a traditional Public Charter School. Students would be accepted according to GPA, SAT, as traditional college. The only difference would be that it would be paid for by the state. Maybe two per state. There would still be traditional colleges but they would be considered private. I will add additional details. What do you think. The cost of room and board would be paid by the student and regulated by the state. Books and tuition would not come out of the student’s pocket. What do you think? Good idea or not. Why or Why not?

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Nate M

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I think it’s a good idea in principle but at the same time I think there would be a lot of opposition to it. The main problem I see to it is that to be honest I’m not going to pay more taxes so someone can go to school for pretty much free. I think a lot of other people would feel the same way. I’ve never heard anyone say “Yay more taxes.”

If you fix that problem by not really changing taxes then how are you going to attract good profs and maintain the school grounds? Tuition and fees are where a lot of money to run the school and pay the employees comes from.

The book thing is a good idea. Though some schools are realizing that students are upset at prices of textbooks and are starting to set up programs for them. The school were I’m doing my graduate work just started a rental program run by the student association. They buy about 500 text books for the general req classes and rent them to the students each semester for $20-50 depending on the book and then when they return the book they get that money back. I know they’re planning to expand this to buy more text books so they can try and cover all the students in general req classes.