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What do you think my chances are? Admission to top anthropology grad programs.?

What do you think my chances are? Admission to top anthropology grad programs.

I obtained my B.A. in Anthropology with Distinction in 2006 (University of Washington). I’m doing a Master of Science by (MSc) at University of Edinburgh (ongoing). I’m going to apply for a couple of top anthropology grad schools (PhD) after I finish my degree in Edinburgh. What are my chances for these top schools?

My background:

Overall GPA (3.59), major’s GPA above 3.8.

Strong reference

Field research experience

Writing samples

Native Chinese speaker

GRE (not taken yet)

Schools in mind: I’m interested in working with professors in the following universities.

University of California, Irvine

UC Berkeley

Columbia Uni

Yale Uni


Uni of Washington

Uni of Chicago


If you think that I’d fail all of them. Please provide some “realistic” schools for my consideration. Thank you.

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It will depend on your GREs, but also on your languages.

Is China your intended area? If so, the Chinese will help in terms of admissions, but you should also have either French or German. Just take one course at the graduate level in “French for Reading” or “German for Reading.” Also make quite sure you have the requisite languages for your intended subfield of specialization.

As you obviously recognize, the most important factor will be “fit,” and it is up to you to delineate in your statement of purpose how well you would fit each program. Make sure the “fit” is not only with one scholar in the entire program. Make sure the programs you select have scholars who work with your preferred methodology as well as your preferred area.

Without knowing your intended subfield of specialization, no one can make recommendations for you.

Best wishes to you!


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Apply everywhere you want to go, if you never ask you’ll never know.