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John B

what do you need to do to get into cornell university?

I want to transfer there next year, and right now I have a 3.86 GPA. Is it really hard to get in there?

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Cornell looks at:

test scores (it prefers the SAT)

extracurricular activities

high school transcript or college transcript

leadership potential

It is the easiest Ivy League school to get into for freshman and for transfers.

Best of luck to you.


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As one of the Ivies, Cornell is considered extremely competitive. Besides grades, they’ll consider test scores and extracurricular activities.

Freshmen Academic Profile

SAT – Crtitical Reading: Middle 50%: 620-730

SAT – Math: Middle 50%: 660-760

TPR Projected Range SAT Writing: 670-740

ACT Composite Middle 50%: 28-32

Students in top 10% of HS class: 84%