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What can i do with a degree in film?

I know that making movies is a passion of mine, but what can i do with a degree in film? how will i find work? will i get paid enough money to live a comfortable life? what kinds of jobs will i get after i graduate from college? where can i find internships?

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a degree in film does not do alot for you..

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Wipe your butt with it.

Nah, seriously, you can teach film, go get a higher degree, or if some job or government qualification requires a B.A., you’ve got one. As for the degree per se, that’s it. That’s why some popular film training programs aren’t neccesarily academic.

Film school is about much more than that – it’s about learning the craft, honing your art, experimenting (read: making mistakes before they cost you your job, an awesome thing!), and above all, networking; the people you meet there will be invaluable contacts and crewmembers once you’re out.

Properly answering all your questions would take a book, and that’s why I recommend one: Film School Confidential ( http://www.filmschoolconfidential.net ). It was insightful when I was debating these very dilemmas.