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my gre score is 1050.verbal-360.analytical-3.5,quantitative-690.in which universities i can get aid and admission to MS computer engineering.my tofel score is 99,acadamics is 83%

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There are too many questions left here to give you a good answer. First of all, you should know that almost all aid at the master’s level is in the form of loans. There are very few grants or scholarships. The problem with that is that you usually cannot get a loan outside your home country, so your best bet for aid of any sort is in your home country (I’m assuming you are looking at studying abroad, since you mention a TOEFL score). Secondly, your GRE scores are extraordinarily low, and you will have trouble getting admitted to any graduate program with scores below 500 on each of the two major sections (I’m assuming the 3.5 you mention is a 350?), especially in the analytical section, if you are an engineer. Your academics look okay on the surface, but they will have to translated for schools by a service into a GPA, based on a 4-point scale, to be comparable to ours.