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What can i do as a finance major?

I’m not sure if i want to major in finance or accounting. With accounting you can be a CPA, is there anything like that in finance. Would i need a master’s degree or a BA? What kind of jobs could i get?

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Major: Finance

Finance is a very professionally oriented major designed to prepare you for a career in financial management, which is the art and science of managing money or, if you like, the way people, institutions, markets, and countries generate and transfer wealth. It’s a good major and potentially a very lucrative one because, these days, everybody – small businesses, monolithic corporations, charities, and governments – needs effective financial management.

If you major in Finance, you’ll study things like commercial and investment banking, forecasting and budgeting, and asset and liability management. You’ll learn more than you may ever want to know about money, stocks and bonds, and how markets function. You’ll learn how to determine what fraction of a firm’s assets (or your own assets) to put into different kinds of investment vehicles in order to obtain the highest return for a justifiable level of risk. When you graduate, all those baffling indexes at the back of the Wall Street Journal will make sense to you.

Upon graduation, your career can take many paths (naturally), but most Finance majors find jobs in the finance departments of firms; with banks, mutual funds, and other kinds of financial institutions; or in government or some kind of charitable organization. Some schools offer specialized areas of concentration within the Finance major as well – in insurance and real estate for example.

Possible Careers





Bank Officer

Bar/Club Manager


Business Valuator

Financial Analyst

Financial Planner

Foreign Exchange Trader

Fundraiser/Institutional Solicitor

Insurance Agent/Broker

Investment Banker

Manufacturing Executive

Market Researcher

Music Executive

Real Estate Agent/Broker


Small Business Owner

Sports Manager



Venture Capitalist/ Investor


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You can work in any aspect of the financial industry. Banks, brokerage firms, regulatory agencies. But it would be a low level starting position, but after a while you can work you way up.

It’s all about experience and knowledge. You can work your way up to CFO or Controller with a BA and 10-12 years experience.


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That big demand the school told you about for business grads is for people with 3-5 years experience,, not new grads… you got a plan to get past that? U may find someone who will let you be their cold caller to set up appointments for a broker or something,, and after you run thru your immediate list of friends and family (who will be your former friends after they get tired of you hitting them up),, they fire you and hire someone else to work for a commission that will never come.

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you can work as a financial aid adviser at a university or you can be a financial analyst at a firm (tell them want mergers and buys would be gainful or not)