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What are the pros/cons of getting a Masters in Biology (without pursuing a PhD)?


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It would really depend on what field you are going to use your Master’s degree in and if getting your Master’s would enable to to get better paying or more interesting positions.

My friend does research at a pharmaceutical company and has her Bachelors in BioTechnology (a branch of Biology), and is going back for her Masters only b/c she is finding that many people in her field have Master’s degrees and it will help her in the future when asking for raises, or even if she considers changing companies.

I, myself, only have a Bachelors in Biology. Most colleges and universities require AT LEAST a Master’s in order to teach, let alone head up research, most now are requiring a PhD. I myself am getting a Master’s, but in Adolescent Education. I am going to be a Biology/Science teacher.

Good Luck!