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What are my chances for getting into UT at Austin?

I will be a senior in high school next year. So far I have:

-4.2 GPA, but I’m not in top 10% because I go to a highly-competitive school in Texas. 4.6 GPA was needed for top 10% for the class of 2007.

-200 hours of volunteer service as an office worker in UT School of Public Health.

-next year will be my 4th year in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. Rigor of education is hopefully thus covered.

-next year will make 4th year in my school’s CX debate team.

-3 years in school’s chess club.

-got an award for all A’s in my sophomore year.

-I haven’t taken SAT yet, but the last time I took a practice test, I got a 1990 out of the new 2400 scale.

Any advice? :-/

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I would say your chances are very good.

Kickass on the SAT and get your bags packed.

Good luck!


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Tracey O
hey, UT would love to kick out that top 10% rule? you know why, because lazy kids get priority over awesome students liek you. i say you have a great chance at UT, especially if you’re in debate ESPECIALLY if you do CX (my friend samin got money to go to UT and do debate)

i say you have all the categories, the gpa, the very rigorous secondary school record, you SATs will be good (take the math subject test though… you’ll have to do it anyway)

all i can say, get your resume done and it wouldn’t hurt to get into another extra curricular.

though… you’re a pretty talented student, i bet you can make it into lots of other GREAT schools. don’t limit yourself. (but if you have your heart set on UT i can’t blame you)

hmm you do debate and you’re in texas… i wonder if i’ve ever gone against you. hit me up


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probably pretty good !