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can you suggest me a website where i can find the list of American University on the basis of Subject?

of choice?

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You can use google and search according to subject or department. Examples of wording your searches:

University English Departments

Leading university English departments

English degree programs

Be creative. I recommend that you search schools by area. If you are looking for rankings of universities according to a number of criteria, you can try the UK Times Educational Supplement, Rankings of world universities:



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i’m commencing at college next March and that i’ll income criminal regulation. i pick to have a level in criminal Defence regulation which occupies 6 years of school, then after yet another 2 years i could have a PHD in it. on the element, i’m a receptionist at a hotel in Sydney, stated as Lilianfels and that i volunteer at a school for infants with disabilities as quickly as each week. 🙂

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Tracey O
well i know www.theU.com has a section of the website where you can look up a major and it will tell you the top schools in that category.

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