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what are imperial units?

what are imperial units and how do you turn deicimals into fractions and vise versa? I probably sound stupid asking this but I have an exam tomorrow, help would be useful =] . thank you.

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The Imperial units or the Imperial system is a collection of units, first defined in the Weights and Measures Act of 1824, later refined (until 1959) and reduced. The units were introduced in the United Kingdom and its colonies, including Commonwealth countries (though most Commonwealth countries are officially metric), but excluding the then already independent United States. Systems of Imperial units are sometimes referred to as foot-pound-second, after the base units of length, mass and time.

Now for the easy part.

To turn a fraction into a decimal, divide the top by the bottom.

1/2 = .5

3/4 = .75

To turn a decimal into a fraction do this. For every decimal place after the decimal put a zero.

.8 = 8/10 ( 1 decimal place after the decimal is 1 (0)

.82 = 82/100 (2 decimal places after decimal is 2(0’s)

first place after the decimal is tenths

second place after the decimal is hundredths

third place is thousandths

and so on

and so on