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What are good easy community service hours?

Are they that important to colleges?

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from http://xblock.isafe.org/imentors.php:

Step up and become an Internet safety leader! Work with students across the globe to promote cyber safety awareness.

What is a student i-MENTOR?

i-MENTORs are students like you in grades five through 12 who promote online safety and DRiVE the 411 back to friends, family, and community. Download a list of i-MENTOR activities here.

Take the first step and get trained. Watch the videos in the i-MENTOR Training Network, and become certified. A certified i-MENTOR can plan activities and events, teach i-SAFE lessons, give i-SAFE presentations, earn service-learning credits, and make a difference in his or her school and community.

How do I get started?

Register on the XBLOCK Web site by clicking “Create an Account.”

Download the Student Tool Kit to get started with coordinating and conducting events.

Go to the i-MENTOR Training Network, and get trained to be a certified i-MENTOR.

Log in to the i-SAFE chat room and talk with other i-MENTORS about activities and events you can do in your school and community.

Go to the Mentor Menu, and enter your activity.

Fill out the Mentor Menu to receive i-SAFE credit and materials needed for your event.

Questions? Contact [email protected]


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Fly On The Wall
They’ve become quite important to the top schools. I think it’s because they want students who are spending their time on wholesome activities rather than screwing around playing video games and swapping MP3 files all day. I don’t think it has anything to do with altruism.