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Wharton MBA program? getting in for me, possible?

I finish a high ranking liberal art (muhlenberg college) school in 1 year and a half..I took 7 classes a semester and have a GPA of 3.8

Major Finance, minor french.

I’m a fluent spanish french and portuguese speaker I got 6 months worth of experience with internships

I recently took the GMAT and got a 740

I receive 5 recommendations from professors with a doctors 3 of which went to Ivy schools.

My college is all paid off and I started to work, I’m earning 54k a year but I consider that too low for me. I want a masters from a great school, I want to go to Wharton. Can anyone tell me the chances of getting in…I know I have not much experience on my field but I have an outstanding school history and great recommendations from the people that though me and from my past internships.

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30 percent

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Your GPA and GMAT are competitive, and being able to have an international focus is always a plus. The only potential issue I see other than your lack of work experience is that you’re counting on your professors for recommendations; even lower-ranked schools strongly prefer professional references, no matter how good a teacher’s credentials are. You’re also going to want to be sure that you focus on something more than earning potential in explaining why you want to pursue your degree now, and have a native English speaker look over your essays.

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