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Wharton MBA program? getting in for me, possible?

finish a high ranking liberal art (muhlenberg college) school in 1 year and a half..I took 7 classes a semester and have a GPA of 3.8

Major Finance, minor french.

I’m a fluent spanish french and portuguese speaker I got 6 months worth of experience with internships

I recently took the GMAT and got a 740

I receive 5 recommendations from professors with a doctors 3 of which went to Ivy schools.

My college is all paid off and I started to work, I’m earning 54k a year but I consider that too low for me. I want a masters from a great school, I want to go to Wharton. Can anyone tell me the chances of getting in…I know I have not much experience on my field but I have an outstanding school history and great recommendations from the people that though me and from my past internships

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justine lauren

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GMAT scores range from 200 to 800 and two-thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600 and you scored 740 which is an excellent score, In addition you have real world experience as well as internships and are fluent in three languages. The recommendations from professors in ivy league programs is icing on the cake. Personally, given these stats I’d say you’d have no problem. No where in the list of of requirements does it say that you have to have a certain amount of experience in order to apply. At the very least apply and see what happens. If you are not accepted then continue to work and gain experience then reapply. Just remember that GMAT scores are only good for five years, so if you wait too long you may need to retake the test.

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Academically, you are qualified to go to any top MBA program. Most of them want you to have three to five years of work experience (with five years being more common). You are unlikely to let you in until you get it.

They will not be interested in your professors’ recommendations. They will want letters from your employers.

Being qualified is one thing — getting in is another. The vast majority of qualified applicants get rejected. You need to do something to set yourself apart. This means that the interview and admissions essays are critical.

Once you get more work experience, you should apply to several top B-Schools — because you will probably get into some good school — even if Wharton turns you down.

I speak from experience. I was rejected at Wharton even though I was qualified. I got into other Ivy League programs — but chose to get my MBA at Duke. I later got a PhD at Berkeley and have taught finance at MIT, Wharton and Maryland.

Bottom line — you have a good chance in a few years. You have practically no chance now.


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Your GPA and GMAT are aggressive, and being waiting to have a international concentration is usually a plus. the only skill subject I see different than your loss of artwork journey is which you’re counting on your professors for techniques; even decrease-ranked colleges strongly want professional references, no rely how good a instructor’s credentials are. you’re additionally going to prefer to confirm which you concentration on something greater desirable than incomes skill in explaining why you prefer to pursue your degree now, and function a community English speaker seem over your essays.