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transfer student?

how hard is it applying as a transfer student? when should i start working on my applications for fall 2008? i want to get into nursing school and go out of state. is it hard to be a transfer out of state applicant to UCLA?

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Start early because the due dates are soon usually November or October. It’s pretty hard to transfer out of state. You will need to get a very high GPA in your current college before applying and show that you’ve been active with extracurriculars.

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The earlier you start your applications usually the better. Check to make sure your credits will transfer if you can – sometimes they won’t let you know until you are enrolling into the university though.

Some schools don’t allow above a certain number of credits to be transferred.

Usually your GPA will not transfer with you. Whatever you do at the new university will be your new GPA.

Universities are always looking to diversify their student population so I wouldn’t worry too much about being out of state.