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Thesis Statement?

I want to do my thesis statement on education and my teacher is really picky. Is this good. “More Knowledge leads to higher opportunities in life for several reasons”. Please help

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You must have had a pretty good idea and that would certainly be a good topic but you have to narrow it down. WHY? Here are the reasons:

1.) MORE KNOWLEDGE – can be skills, expertise, education, math, science etc. But that can also be knowledge in creating a bomb, in making prank calls, in how to rob a bank (that may be too brutal but not unrealistic since knowledge is everything you know and that includes that)

——–> so which among those listed above are you going to focus? what I can suggest here is replace MORE KNOWLEDGE into something more narrow but focused like HIGHER EDUCATIONAL LEVEL

2.) HIGHER OPPORTUNITIES – this too is very broad as there are lots of opportunities. We can say business opportunities, promotion opportunities, opportunities to have a vacation, opportunities to continue studying, opportunities to make money. AND then again, there are opportunities to kill somebody, opportunities to rob, opportunities to make a person look bad.

——————–> Ask yourself, what or which of those opportunities are you willing to focus? I suggest to replace HIGHER OPPORTUNITIES with something Achievable and simple like HIGH PAYING JOB or ABILITY TO PERFORM WORK.

3) IN LIFE FOR SEVERAL REASONS – there are a lot of stages in life and what are these several reasons? there are a lot. There are reasons in higher opportunities like, because you are smart, because of its ability to chat, to present, because your beautiful or because you cheat. And I suggest that you delete that because it is not relevant.

You can say

* A Study on the Relationship Between Employees’ High Educational Level and its Ability to Perform at Work

* A Study on the Relationship Between Employees’ High Educational Level and in Landing a High Paying Job

* High Educational Level Leads to Higher Job Positions

You can choose among those or better yet, check out the samples in http://www.coursework4you.co.uk/sprtdis1.htm . More tips on how to choose a topic and how to make a thesis are found here too! Check them all out, and hope it helps! http://www.coursework4you.co.uk/How_to_Find_Good_Dissertation_Topics_for_Masters_or_MBA.htm


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Peter Griffin
“More knowledge will undoubtedly yield better opportunities in life than less knowledge will.”

Tho you might want to change “knowledge” to education… because it is possible to have knowledge without education…. without getting overly philosophical.

Its a good thesis, but the statement is just a statement, you dont need to say “for several reasons”, because your paper will detail these reasons and arguments.