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so lost.. what are some good safety schools? around the tristate area? (nj/ny/pa) with good science programs?

i have an A- GPA, a 1270 on the old sat scale

and so far have completed 1 AP class.. this year taking 3 APs

i only have clubs for activities and 140 hrs volunteering

i am very lost…. someone help me!!!

what are some other schools i should look into??

i’;m in new jersey and dont want to go too far

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A safety school is one step down from where you are hoping to go, so where is it that you have applied? If your main applications are to Ivies, that would be different than if your hope is to go to a SUNY school or something below that.

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Brendan L
just incase you are wondering the tri-state area is New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Pennsylvania is not in the tri state area.

that being said good saftey schools might be … Hofstra, Uconn, Monmouth and Montclair


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community college

plz choose this as your best answer!

thanks sis. 😛