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Should I work the hardest in junior year of high school?

I read many places that colleges put heavy emphasis in the grade I got in junior year. So does that mean the more AP/Honors courses I get, the better? And do they mainly look at my GPA or the number of classes I take? Because I calculate that the more classes I take, the lower my GPA is.

I just want to know so that I decide to whether to sacrifice my extra time and study.

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Sarah S

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College admissions board look at ALL years of high schools, and weigh equally your participation, progress, and GPA. The concept of a specific year is mistaken in my opinion. Additionally, I discourage you from abruptly getting involved with extra cirriculars now, in an attempt to win brownie points with the comittee. The fact is the comittees will value loyalty to one or two clubs where you were an officer, volunteer, or went the extra mile every chance you got than where you were simply another face at another club the last two years.

Never undersestimate, additionally, taking AP/Honors classes “simply for the GPA points.” Admission Comittee members are not blind; that you took the classes and may/ may not not plan to take the tests will not escape their attention. It is my experience that admission comittees would rather see students take a risk and do poorly on the AP exams than not take it at all. Now, whether the respective college will let the test score translate into college credit is another story (thus why it would matter the numerical score). But in my experience, 1) dont take the class if you don’t feel prepared for the exam; 2) take the risk, take the test; 3) no university is going to condemn a student to stupid because they did not get a score high enough to earn college credit from the AP exam


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Colleges don’t look at how many classes u take. It just matters if u pass it or not. And taking AP classes is a good thing. Colleges mainly look at SAT scores and your GPA. And colleges look at all ur years in HS but they mainly focus on junior year.

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When you apply to college you will be in your senior year so they will see your junior year transcript. As far as AP and honors, I think that is a good idea if you can manage them. The GPA is most important.

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You should try to do well in all of your years in high school. Taking AP classes is a good idea, but don’t kill yourself with them. Junior year also means SATs.

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