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Should I go into pred-med or business school?

I really like the medical field and I think it would be a dream come true to be a doctor. It would not matter to me if I became a vet or a regular human health doctor. However, I also like business in that I would create and own my own business to run. I am just not sure what to go into medical or business? Oh, and my gpa for high school is a really bad 3.0 and I only got a 25 on my act, what do you think?

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High school grades don’t matter. It’s college grades how you do on your GME for business school and the MCAT.

Business is sucky, EVERYONE is doing it so it will be cut throat so you’ll be selling your soul to get to the top.

Anyway WHY do you need a degree to start your own business….as long as you’re not stone stupid you can start your own business


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If you are interested in opening your own business and still be involve in the health field, choose pharmacy instead of medicine.

There are many advantages to becoming a pharmacist.

Below are some of them:

1) Great pay, expect to be paid 75-150k coming right after pharm school

2) You will always have a job anywhere in the US becuase there is a great demand for these healthcare professionals

3) Most jobs are 9-5. This will give you weekends and other free time to start your pharmacy business or other ventures

4) Flexible work schedule enables you to choose when and what type of pharmacy you want to practice.

5) If you are really serious about pharmacy, visit http://www.pre-pharm.info


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I think you need to keep up the good work… because High School grades do matter! Think about what you really truly like… think about what you want to be working as for the rest of your life.

My brother (with his good H.S. grades) got into UCLA. He majored in business and minored in something else (can’t remember)… 2 quarters away from graduating, he realized business was not for him! Oh, he did finish and graduated from UCLA school of business. He is now enrolled in USC, in the medical program… wants to be a Doctor!

He is 24 years old, not married (same gf for about 7 years), no kids and gets excellent grades (always has).

So, anything is possible. All you gotta do is want it and be willing to work for it.

Don’t forget all the required exams for college/university admission!



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The field of medicine is very competitive and difficult to enter. Vets have more education than physicians in that they need to learn several forms of anatomy (not one like humans have), and animals cannot speak about their symptoms, how long, etc. Perhaps you can combine your love of medicine in your business.

When I worked at the med school, we had drug reps visiting the doctors/researchers to sell their products, give samples, etc. Perhaps you can think of a need they have and be the person to fill it.

Best wishes to you!


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Wouldn’t recommend the medical field based on your scores. Both human and vet are very competitive and difficult.

There are alot of different business majors, and alot of directions you can go in. See the programs of study at this school. Note they have one for entepreneurship–perfect for someone who wants their own business: