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Please help!!! i need help brainstorming for an essay about myself for my med school application?

I am writing about my best friend’s disease and how it has inspired me to pursue medicine. There is more before this but obviously I can’t fit it all, so here is where I am stuck….

“It was while accompanying him on one of these visits that I was exposed to a world that I had never known. Children’s hospital was filled with unfortunate people and I had the opportunity to meet a variety of them. Though I thought nothing could be worse than my best friend’s disease, brain cancer at the age of seven easily topped it.

The gap between my experience with my best friend and now has allowed a new part of me to grow. Through awareness of disease I am allowed to live with a deeper appreciation for life.”

I can’t figure out where to go with this!!! Please any suggestions would be awesome!

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Read the Hippocratic Oath. Show how your experience in the hospital, and your feelings fit in with the ideals of the oath.