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I give up?

Is there anything anyone can say to make me feel better? I’m failing pre calculus. =( If not, thanks for trying though. (And please, no rude remarks!)

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curious george

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Ask for a tutor.

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Long ago, I was in college, and studied precalculus. Oh, I passed. I had friends who did not. At the time, I did not know what to say. I do not know your situation, but it could be that my words may help you, so there it goes.

I was surprised that you failed precalculus. I know you are intelligent and that you can pass this course. I believe there were two obstacles.

The first obstacle is pride. You know you are intelligent, and it hurts you deeply to see yourself failing this course that you think easy. I should let you know that this is not high school, that everybody around you is also intelligent. You had it easy in high school, but here in college is another ballpark. It takes effort to keep up.

The second obstacle is knowledge. Math is not like history where you memorize, and tests are about confirming this memorization. Math is a skill. You practice, you get good at it. You do not practice, you freeze at crucial times, you forget stuff when you need it. I know it is not obvious, but it is true.

I cannot change the past. Possibly you will fail the course. You will take it again, this time with your eyes wide open, willing to spend the effort for good grades. Then, only then, you will pass the course.


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Have you ever considered starting a study group? Get together with other students in the class on breaks or before/after class to discuss this.

Chances are that you are not the only one in your class in this situation! Ask students who seem to have a knack for the subject, (here pre- calc), to help and or join your study group. Find out everyone’s schedule and when is a good time to meet.

You can ask the brainiac(s) for help and/or tutor you. If they are not willing to help you for free, find out how much they will charge to tutor you.

Hope this helps!