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PLEASE HELLP! CAN I get a student loan in the UK to study abroad???

i really want to study at university in florida and live with my cousin!

the uni doesnot provide international students with any financial aid or give them grants ect!

and the price is ALOT dearer for international students aswell!

how can i find out if i can get a student grant in the uk to go towards university funds in th u.s???

has anybody done this or do you think i could???

thanks =) xx

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International students in the United States are not eligible for financial aid or grants from either the U.S. or U.K. governments. Also there are no student loans available to to U.K. citizens who wish to study in the states, however there are personal loans available through banks but you need to be aware of the interests rates and how much you would have to pay back, furthermore, even if you did get a personal loan you would not be able to get one to cover the costs of your entire education in the States.

The majority of international students are self-supporting relying on a combination of their own funds and that of their family.


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As far as I know you would only be entitled to a loan whilst studying abroad if it was part of your course. Eg if you were studying French and you had to spend a year in France then you would get a loan for that year. This is because you, the course and the institution must be eligible for funding. Courses that are eligible for funding must receive funding from the UK government, but not all courses that receive government funding are ‘eligable courses’ e.g. nursing diplomas. So I don’t think you will get a student loan.

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yes, I know few people (my sister is getting stipends left and right).

you should check Erasmus program – it is EU program. My guess is, you will have more chance going thru EU programs than UK…….good luck!