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Physical Therapy Grad School…?

What was the hardest part of getting into grad school for physical therapy?

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Personally, for me, it was getting in the volunteer time. It’s so hard to fit it into my busy schedule. I mean… if you knew my wife, you’d know what I’m talking about. Ha ha!

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circulate to a seek engine and seach for authorized actual treatment courses. Then pick the APTA internet site. this could coach you a catalogue of each and every of the authorized actual treatment courses contained in us of a and canada. they are searching for a intense gpa (3.5 is the common of admitted applicants) and a goo GRE (1000 +). With volunteer hours (relies upon on application, often 50-one hundred in a actual treatment placing) and their respective stipulations. p.c.. some colleges and concentration on their prereqs. sturdy success!