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redemption after academic probation?

i just recieved a letter from my community college in the mail today stating that i am on academic probation. im guessing my hopes of going to a UC, preferably UCLA, are shot down now. i feel so worthless right now. i want to be a dentist but im starting to rethink maybe i dont have what it takes.

basically my question is since the sky isnt the limit anymore, how far up can i go now?

do UC’s, especially ones like UCLA, give people another chance if they prove themselves?

please, no answers to make me feel more stupid than i already do.

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Community college is where you “prove yourself” to the UC admissions officers. You should at least try…you’ll never know what could have been if you just quit right now. As the saying goes, “pain is temporary, quitting is forever”.

Not all dentists had a 4.0 GPA from an Ivy League school. Many of them “pulled it together” in college. You can too.

I think you should take with a counselor at your community college. I know that they know what’s best for you and your chances, etc.


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Just because you got on academic probation doesn’t mean that you can’t redeem your grades or become a dentist. Talk with a counsellor at your school or join a workshop to learn better skills in time management and studying. If you pull your grades up you’ll get off of academic probation and be able to go on to further schooling. You would be suprised with the number of students who were put on academic probation even suspension and still managed to get into graduate programs or even become professors. Don’t think that your dreams are unattainable, but find ways to reach them that are suited to you. Most students can’t do the night before the assignment/exam cram or procrastinate their way to As. If you’re already doing your very best and using proper studying techniques, consider another career. Maybe dentistry isn’t for you, what about becoming a dental assistant or something else?

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Do not despair. Believe in yourself that you can make it to be a dentist. Do better next semester !

The problem most students face is time management and pay attention to the lecturers..it beats studying in e free time.

Plan your study schedule. Put a goal of what you want to score preferably all As for the subjects next semester.

Retabulate your gpa with the As for next semester to prove to yourself that you can get off academic probation. Surely, it will get above the gpa cut-off to avoid academic probation, right.