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PHARMACY?! help!!?

I was wondering.. if I don’t make it into pharm school, what would be a good fall back?? Something related to it??

What major is good as well? Thanks!

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Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Zoology, Biology to name a few. Or maybe finish in Pre-Med and apply to Med school.

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Some Universities, or schools for higher learning offer a course called, “Pharmacy Technician.” They teach students how to read prescriptions, how to work in pharmacy administration, as well as how to pass the State Board, since some states require Pharmacy Techs to be certified. Many Pharmacists use technicians. Pharmacy Techs work in local drug stores. They learn the trade at work, then go to school to become a Pharmacist. It is a great fall-back.

Good Luck. I hope this helps.


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Well you can try Chemical Engineering as when you do that you can work in a factory or plant that actually produces pharmaceuticals, makeup etc… its a good major trust though it involves alot of work

good luck