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christopher p

Opinions please?

There 3 questions and i want opinions and examples why.

1) Can success be disastrous?

2) Do we need other people in order to understand ourselves?

3) Is the world changing for the better?

From my point of view

1) I think success can be disastrous due to a person can stray away from normal to be success. Not being ones self.

2) Yes because we need guidance, any type of guidance. deals with confidence motivation etc.

3) Yes it is a healthier place( less pollution) and easier to transport.

Thats from my point of view and i dont have that many examples. You could either agree with or disagree with me, as long as u state why and some exmaples. Thanks

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1) Success can be disastrous just as you say, and I think also because: we might not be able to repeat success and become despondent; our success is something evil; our

success provides a stepping stone for others to find success that might lead to the exact same outcomes.

2)Yes we need other people for the reasons you give, but also without people, living would be without purpose, like living in a vacuum — no awareness, no feedback and no purposeful growth. And guess what — without other people we couldn’t perpetuate our species to satisfy the needs you mentioned at the outset.

3) I do not know whether the world is changing for the better. We are faster, smarter about our universe, better able to deal with diseases, more comfortable in our habitats, have so many more conveniences and things of these sorts are going to get even better. The problem is, we seem bound to blow the hell out of ourselves just to prove who’s right.

It’s kinda like your first question: define success, e.g. is it things you produce or is success what you are — respected by others, part of a loving family, able to handle change, healthy, unafraid. So if we define “changing for the better” as improving things, I say yes, but if better is improving our relationships, I would have to say sadly, I just don’t know yet.

Nice question!


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First of all, most of what you said makes no sense. But here are my answers anyway:

1) Of course it can, if you earn lots of money because you are successful, you might become a cokehead and end up homeless. Your answer is not even grammatically correct.

2) Usually, because humans are social animals and our existence is dependent upon interaction with others. Your answer, once again, is a bunch of garbled nonsense.

3) No the world is not changing for the better. There may be less pollution now than there was during the industrial revolution, but there is definitely more pollution than there has been during almost any other point in history, and we aren’t doing enough to decrease the amount of pollution we’re producing. You said the earth is easier to transport. I wasn’t aware we had a way to transport the earth somewhere.


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1.) Sometimes. For example, if you work hard to get where you want to be, you forget who supported you in the first place..

2.)Absolutely. I havent met or heard of anybody yet who found themselves without help. Others teach you what you cant teach yourself.

3.) Its hard to tell. In some ways yes, but the most talked about changes are for the worse.