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Online university for Psychology?


What’s the cheapest online university to get into Psychology (for all the degrees I need to become an actual Psychologist, or Psychiatrist).

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Ok first some specialization clarification…

A psychologist would need a PhD in psychology.

a psychiatrist is a medical doctor with additional training (ie: go to med school first)

Much depends on what you call cheap. I can find you a bachelor’s and master’s for about $250 an hour and a PhD for about $500 an hour.

That’s about as cheap as it gets and that’d be”

120 x $250 = $30,000

36 x $250 = $9,000

60 x $500 = $30,000

so, we’re looking at about $69,000 start to finish is “cheap”.

For this example use American Public Univ. for the BA and MA and use NorthCentral or Walden for the PhD.

Expect the process to take about 9 years and to be very demanding. Anything much less is probably not legit.

note: blow off all the people who say online programs aren’t = to in the seat. It’s not important whether it’s online or not, it’s important what the quality of the school is. ie: Harvard has an online master’s – anyone wanna try that one?


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To become a psychologist/psychiatrist, you’ll need to go to graduate school. For the most part, strictly online schools do not have the same accreditation as the traditional classroom schools. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do undergraduate degrees online. You may want to look into online programs offered by the “traditional” universities and colleges. As for getting your masters or doctorate, those cannot be completed online as far as I know. At least not accredited programs. Those require class room attendance and possibly research in your area of study.

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i think you should just go ahead and go to a university….

you’d get the chance to meet new people and make more connections and it’d be better for your future to have connections too!

try looking it up online….good luck


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But seriously, those aren’t real degrees. If you talk to their friends about their feelings, you’re a psychologist. Here’s your degree. If you also try to sell them drugs, you’re a psychiatrist. Here’s your degree.

“Internet Universities”? Go find a bunch of porn sites and try to figure out what human behavior is all about.