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online degree?

i’m planning master degree online but:

1- do i have to travel for the final exams?

2- what will be written on my certificate that distinguesh it from home land certificates?

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It depends on where you get the degree …some go through a regular college and you get a degree from that college and it’s not any different. If it’s from an on line college then you get a degree from say Phoenix On line and that’s what the degree says and most everyone knows that’s an on line college. You should check your local colleges and see what is offered. Some classes are different ..all on line the final exams and everything on line but other classes may expect you to come in for proctored exams. Good luck anyway!! I’m taking an on line course and it’s really hard but it’s a math class so that would be… I’ve taken other classes on line and through video and they are not too bad if you are disciplined to study.

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You will not need to travel, all your classes and exams will be online.

Your diploma will not look different, it will just be from a different institution. Make sure that the program you enroll in is accredited and will comply with any state certification criteria. I just dropped out of Walden’s Master’s in Mental Health because the program did not satisfy state certification criteria, and Walden does a lot of self-congratulatory bull in all of it’s classes. I do not recommend them.


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Mandy H
It really depends on the institution you decide to ‘ attend” some schools can be done completely online. Other ones you have to travel for tests. Call whatever institution and ask them, or research their website.