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OBAMA: 1-What about more public medical schools? 2- Physicians (on salary) on a loan repayment program?

More public medical centers (school and hospital) would ensure that the government provides the funding, and is more apt to negociate a deal with prospective student physicians, thus enroll them in a loan repayment program, similar as the one already existing for indian reservations and “underserved areas”. That would achieve many things at once, physicians would remain in tune with their core values (Hippocratic oath) without the enormous pressure of a loan repayment, pressure under which they usually lose their humane side, and by ricochet inner cities would have the free care that they so desperately need. Not to be cynical, but I have no illusions as to the success of an universal healthcare system as long as Corporate America has its tentacles well around it, so let’s be practical, and go in strides, till, as a people we raise our awareness level and decide to turn things around.

“The most beautiful lady can only give you what she has”, so let’s be realistic.

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I don’t think usa is in favor of a universal health care system. Why not apply to the school you want and tell them your need and ask how to solve that

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