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My Japanese minor seems to be getting in the way?

I’m looking to minor in Japanese because i love the culture and the language, but it complicates my choice of major. I’ve chose marketing, but the minor doesnt really seem to fit in. Like Economics for example, has a foreign languages requirement with credit hour space so it would fit nicer. But with marketing I might have to end up taking more classes then usual, which i’m willing to do, but it just seems like there’s an easier way.

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David M

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Are you KIDDING? Having a background in Japanese would be EXTREMELY helpful if you go into marketing. Do you have any idea how much American stuff is sold over here? Or even how much Japanese stuff is sold in the U.S.. Japanese companies would be especially interested in you if you get your Japanese level pretty high because they like to use Americans to market in the U.S., since we understand the culture better and what inspires Americans to buy things, but still like having someone to speak to them in Japanese.

I was a business major who picked up a Japanese minor myself. I am now begining my 6th year living and working in Japan, making much more money than I would have if I had no foreign language background.

My advice is pick up the minor, then after you graduate do an exchange program like The JET Program (http://www.jetprogram.org) or work for an English language teaching firm like Interac (I’m not sure of the web site). Once you have both foreign language ability AND international experience you will be much more marketable in the business world and discover that the quality of jobs you are eligeable for right out of the gate will improve as well.

Remember, easier isn’t always optimal and your hard work will pay off in the end.


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If studying Japanese is something you want to do, you should do it.

Most schools divide the courses in three categories. Most colleges have a specific “core” they want you to take so you have some breadth to your education. Then there are the courses for your specific major area. Then there are general electives, which can be anything you want.

Lots of students take more courses than they have to because they want to. If you want marketing, and you want Japanese, do it. Why get uptight about having more credits if it interests you?

I totally recommend some sort of a study abroad experience before you graduate. If you can’t make a full semester or year work for your plans, at least try a summer tour/study group. You would never regret doing this!